Overcoming Common Engine Company Mistakes and Fireground Problems **TICKETS ON EVENTBRITE**

Overcoming Common Engine Company Mistakes and Fireground Problems **TICKETS ON EVENTBRITE**

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**TICKETS ON EVENTBRITE www.ragtoptraining.eventbrite.com


RagTop/CCFH Division of Training Present: Overcoming Common Engine Company Mistakes and Fireground Problems

Presented by Jason Rivera of New Haven, CT FD and Northeast Squad Concepts

A good firefighter or fire officer is not judged solely on his ability to make a good decision at the right time, he is also judged on his ability to correct a mistake or problem when it occurs.

This program breaks these issues down into two categories: mistakes and problems. Mistakes are man made errors that can be corrected before the fire through experience and proper training. Problems are unexpected issues that arise and are out of our control but need to get fixed immediately.

Getting the initial attack line in place is without a doubt the most efficient means of bringing a fire under control and has saved more lives than any other tactic. The initial attack line placement can make or break a fire and be the reason we are on scene for either 30 minutes or 3 hours; make a good stop or burn down a house; save a life or have a fatality.

There are many decisions that need to be made when stretching the initial attack line: Size? Length? Nozzle type? Stretch dry or charged? These are all questions that need to be decided on in a matter of seconds, there is no time for debate or discussion.

Once these decisions have been made a multitude of unexpected problems can be encountered which can either be overcome in short order or completely ruin an operation. In this class we will discuss the most common problems and mistakes engine companies make when stretching the initial attack line and how to overcome these issues. Whether you are a career firefighter or volunteer; operate in the city, suburbs or a rural area, this class applies to YOU!

This class was developed after a 2-alarm fire in the City of New Haven where Jason received 3rd degree burns while operating as the nozzleman. A person was trapped on the second floor of a 2 ½ story wood frame duplex and many problems discussed during this class were encountered and overcome. Due to the quick thinking of many of the members on scene that night and great leadership by the company and chief officers a successful rescue was made and the building was saved. Many of the other problems and mistakes encountered during Jason's 28 years in the fire service are discussed as well.


Jason is the co-owner/founder of the fire service training company NorthEast Squad Concepts LLC, which specializes in “squad disciplines” such as engine company operations, vehicle extrication, rope rescue and RIT. He is also a 28-year veteran of the fire service, with both career and volunteer experience. Jason is currently the assigned driver of Rescue Co. 1 in New Haven CT, a Firefighter in Christiana DE, an Assistant Chief in Newtown CT and a Rescue Specialist for the Massachusetts USAR FEMA team.