Welcome to the Division of Training

RagTop in conjunction with CCFH is pleased to bring you street worthy training beyond manuals and textbooks. Within our base of operations encompasses a full scale fire helmet repair shop, retail apparel and fire equipment, and a training ground for fire service lectures, seminars, and hands on (HOT) training. 

By utilizing our facilities, we strive to host the best instructors that the fire service has to offer.

Photo by Pat Dooley/SquadFirePhotos

List of Events

Certificate of Attendance will be provided for each event if required for department reimbursement

Tickets available to purchase on the Events page when available

*As we transition to in house registration, some events may still be purchased through eventbrite*



April 14th: Jason Rivera NESC *Available on eventbrite*

April 22nd: Aaron Heller 'On Scene Training' Big Box Stores *Available on eventbrite*

May 1st and 2nd: Vector Rescue 'Vortex 201' *Available at www.vector-rescue.com *

May 8th: Tim Klett FDNY 'Hoarders'

May 21st and 22nd: Eckert Fire Tactics 'Lecture and Hands On'

June 9th: Joe Grossi Hoboken, NJ

June 19th: Dragon Rescue Management 'Elevator Awareness'

June 26th: PL Vulcan 'Man vs Machine' Hands On